Border Health Breakfast at NMSU

Border Health Breakfast Hour at NMSU

Corbett Center Senate Chambers RM 302 7:30am-8:30am
Bring your breakfast, coffee provided

Faculty from across campus share their expertise and ideas to address health disparities in the U.S.-Mexico border region.

Click on the titles of any past presentations to view slides.

September 14th:
Southwest Institute for Health Disparities Research:
“Border Mortality Disparities”



October 19th:
College of Health and Social Services:
“Women’s and Children’s Health in the Border Region: Nursing Research”

  • “Incarcerated Women and Family Planning” -Randee Greenwald
  • “Perception of Obesity Prevention Among Hispanics Caring for Preschoolers” -Martha Morales
  • “Intimate Partners Living with Urinary Incontinence” -Lori Saiki


November 16th

College of Business
“A Sampling of Border Health Research”

  • “Use of Secondary Data Sources to Investigate Health Disparities in the Border Region” -Charlotte Gard
  • “Quantitative Methods for Health Care Quality and Extensions to Health Disparities Research” -Chris Sroka
  • “Smarter Lunchrooms: Action Research and Restorying Project at Las Cruces Public Schools, 2012-2014” -David Boje and Grace Ann Rosile



January 18th

College of Agricultural, Consumer, and Environmental Sciences
“Cooperative Extension: Partners in Creating Healthy Communities”

  • Karim Martinez, Dona Ana County Family & Consumer Sciences Agent
  • Kelly Knight, Otero County Family & Consumer Sciences Agent
  • Laynee Kuenstler, Luna County Family & Consumer Sciences Agent
  • Lucinda Banegas-Carreon, Extension Associate II, NDPP Program Coordinator

February 15th

College of Engineering
“How the International Border Traffic Impacts Emergency Medical Treatment for Northbound Patients Heading for El Paso”

  •     Peter Martin
  •     David Salgado

March 15th 

College of Education
“Racial and Sexual Minority Stress and Health and Mental Health Disparities”

  • Barbara Gormley

“The STEM Outreach Center Health Initiative”

  • Susan Brown

April 19th 

    College of Arts and Sciences